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Girl in the Mirror V2
Girl in the Mirror
     I don’t need to look outside to know that it’s raining because I can hear the raindrops pounding against my window. I think it’s late in the evening, I’m not sure exactly but I think it’s late because there’s no light coming through the gap in my closed curtains. Other than that, I have no idea of the exact time, the exact date or the exact day of the week. I’d get up and look at the clock, the calendar or even outside, but I don’t think I’ve got the physical capability.
     Besides, it’s really soothing, sitting here in the dark on the edge of my bed. I’ve been sitting here for, I think, days on end, without sleep. I’ve been sitting here with my knees clutched to my chest for so long that I think my muscles might have seized up a bit. Sitting this way; it feels good, it feels safe. It feels like I’m holding everything in, stopping anything
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Opening Chapter Assignment
Quiet footsteps; quiet footsteps and gentle rustling movements. Those were the only noises in the room. A small figure edged about, moving various objects around; whether the figure was creating a mess or putting things in their proper places was difficult to tell.
The figure moved by the window and straightened its back. The dim light sneaking through the gap in the curtains outlines the size and shape of the figure, showing that it is obviously a Human female, but of an unidentifiable age. She sighs and slowly moves around the room again, continuing to moves things around and straightening sheets.
After shaking the pillow on one of the four or five beds in the room, there’s a soft thud as something hits the floor. Pausing in the movement of objects and in the shaking of the pillow, the female bends at the waist to examine whatever it was that had made the noise, throwing the pillow on the bed and groping about on the carpet with her hands, unable to see due to the lack of light.
:iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 1 4
Mature content
An Audience With...Chaos. :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 1 12
Mature content
The Definition of Normal - 16 :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 0 31
Mature content
The Definition of Normal - 15 :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 0 3
Mature content
The Definition of Normal - 14 :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 0 2
Mature content
The Definition of Normal - 13 :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 0 0
Mature content
The Definition of Normal - 12 :iconkenouni-renashin:Kenouni-Renashin 0 2
The Definition of Normal - 11
Ashely soon discovered that Chaos was extremely ticklish, much to her delight. "Keep still will you? You're never gonna get anything more than kisses if you can't control yourself."
Chaos pouted and squirmed. "Stop tickling me then!"
Ashely managed to get a hold of his flailing wrists and put his arms around her waist as she leant down and kissed him. "That's better," she whispered, moving her kisses down his neck, and settling on a place that he would, if he needed to, be able to hide.
Chaos growled slightly when Ashely moved and snuggled back up to him. She looked confused. "What's wrong?"
"You," he mumbled, moving onto his side and pulling her as close as he could get her. "Are so lucky I have more self restraint than you think I do."
Ashely blinked. "Oh? I'm curious now." Chaos smiled, and whispered something in her ear making her blush bright red and causing him to smirk a little. "Oh..." she mumbled avoiding his eyes shyly.
Chaos laughed, nuzzled her ear and held her tight. "You'
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The Definition of Normal - 10
Chaos opened the front door silently, and walked through the hallway. Movement in the kitchen distracted him, so he carefully poked his head around the door. There was a pan on the stove, and Ashely was lighting candles, whilst holding her curled blonde hair away from the flames.
Blinking a few times, he took a proper look at her. She was wearing a pretty, white blouse, with slightly puffed sleeves, and a knee length denim skirt. “Huh,“ Chaos thought. “I didn’t know she had skirts that long.” She straightened up and tucked her hair behind her ears again, which drew Chaos’ attention to her earrings - dangly ones. He looked closer and realised that they were cascades of gold stars. “Wait a minute,” he whispered to himself, “I brought her those.”
She padded over to the stove and stirred whatever was in the pot. The noise, or rather lack of, drew Chaos’ attention to her feet. “No shoes, huh? She knows I find that cute.” She f
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Original: Key to My Heart
Love can happen anywhere.
That was the first thing that Jenna’s mother taught her. Love could happen at any place, at any time, to anyone. Love could be walking right around the corner; Love could be standing 2 feet away from you in the line at the grocery store. It could be gentle and soft like velvet; it could be powerful and passionate like a raging waterfall. The pizza boy could fall in love; the president of a powerful law firm could fall in love.
No one is immune, Jenna could remember her mother whisper to her as they had huddled in a blanket, watching the stars dance overhead.  All it takes is one touch, one look, even a small sound, and you’re hooked. Love is the sweetest drug in the entire world.
Jenna thought about love often as she grew up from a shy child to a social teenager until she was a sophomore in college in New York. Oh yes, things superseded it; exams, friends, parties. Yet, in the back of her mind, Jenna would hear her mot
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Magician Girl of Black Chaos.
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